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Joining experiences together, cooperation between TLD and EASYMILE gave birth to the TractEasy®, the first Autonomous Electric Baggage Tractor for airport and industrial operation.
Founded in 2014, EasyMile is one of the leading companies that specialises in autonomous vehicle technology.
TractEasy® is capable of driving indoor and outdoor without the need for extra infrastructure change.

TractEasy® is a driverless tow-tractor that not only facilitates a significant increase in productivity, efficiency, labour and maintenance savings but also allows enhanced safety and process compliances.
The TractEasy® mission is to move cargo in an autonomous manner, under the supervision of dedicated fleet manager software, from terminal to terminal, or terminal to aircraft.

TractEasy® relies upon multiple sensors, (lidars, radars, IMU, GPS, wheel encoders, 3G/4G modem, V2X on-board units, and stereo cameras), that are integrated with the EasyMile driverless software to read and navigate the surrounding environment.

TractEasy® does not require any infrastructure change, yet utilises its technologies to collect, store, and analyze data in the following areas to ensure the vehicle can operate safely:

  • Localization: knowing where the vehicle is with an accuracy of at least 5 centimeters.
  • Navigation: knowing where the vehicle is headed on a predefined route. Using V2X technology, the vehicle is able to receive information from its environment and interact with it. The vehicle is also able to receive missions from the supervision center.
  • Perception/Obstacle Detection: knowing what is happening around the vehicle and able to adjust its behavior accordingly.