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Lebrun integrates its industrial refrigeration expertise gained over the past 140 years to create unique, cost-effective, reliable, and powerful air-conditioning units by providing a real alternative to the on-ground use of the auxiliary power unit (APU).
Its range of stationary air conditioning units is designed to replace the aircraft’s APU and maintain the correct temperature in the cockpit and cabin during pre-flight operations, boarding and maintenance.

This unique range of products meets the needs and requirements of all narrow- and wide-bodied civil aircrafts types in continental, tropical and desert climates.

Limiting the use of APU with adequate air conditioning units will result in substantial fuel savings and lower maintenance costs for the airline companies. In an environmental perspective, Lebrun focused on limiting emissions of direct pollutants on the ground and decreasing significantly the noise disturbance for the operators and airport.

High quality stationary pre-conditioned air units (PCA) are offered after analysis and optimization of the project conditions. Lebrun’s team of experts proposes unique solutions depending on the climate, electricity and water availabilities. The four options coupled with high standard PCA air delivery systems are:

  • Direct expansion – point of use unit
  • Glycoled water – centralized unit
  • Chilled water – semi-centralized hybrid unit
  • Chilled water – semi-centralized hybrid subfreezing unit